Which Digital Solution should I choose for SME Start Digital





Accounting Solution


Every business needs an accounting solution, you need it for issue invoices, collect payments and send overdue reminders. Cashflow is the bloodline of a business, hence, timely collection is the key to success.


Out of so many accounting solutions offered, I will recommend Xero and you may find more details in my blog of Comparison of Xero, Quickbooks & MYOB.





Are you selling physical items to consumer? If you are, it will be a good idea to have a e-store, not only it helps to boost your image but also create sales immediately. Having an online presence is now mandatory, you are just waiting to become obsolete (sounds brutal but true) if you have only brick and mortar store.


If you have not heard of O2O strategy (offline to online or online to offline), then start your baby step by having an easy and beautiful e-store.


Shopify is probably the world’s undeniable leader in E-store, it comes with a lot of stunning templates that you will be able to create your e-store within 2 hours. Moreover, it is scalable to integrate with a lot of different solutions (eg. Xero, Unleashed & Tradegecko).




Digital Transactions


When running your own business, you will notice keeping receipts is really annoying and challenging. Buying stationery or took a taxi, don’t you wish you have a secretary with you everywhere you go and record these petty bills?


You wish has come true! Expensify scans your receipts and automatically convert into a claim by using OCR (optical character recognition) technologies. More magically, it integrates with GRAB (yes, the private hire hailing app) and all your grab rides will automatically captured in Expensify without needing you to scan!





Digital Marketing


If you need to make more sales, digital marketing is a must. Be it organic SEO (search engine optimization) or pay-per-click SEM (search engine marketing), sending emails to your current and potential customers is extremely useful and important.


Out of so many digital marketing solutions, adopting Mailchimp may be a good starting point. Not only is it affordable (cheaper compared to other solutions), it is also the fundamental of all marketing. You need EDM (electronic direct mail) to bring visitors to your website, create awareness with your audience, or even warm up your cold leads.






What is the Price?


Let’s take a look at the respective pricing and helps you to make better decisions.



Digital Solutions



Xero (Accounting)


Starter plan

Expensify (Claim Mgt)


Collect Plan

MailChimp (Marketing)


Essentials Plan

Shopify (E-Store)


Basic Plan



If you choose Xero & Expensify, it will cost US$20 + US$10 = US$30 per month.


US$30 x 6 months = US$180 (approx. S$255)



How to get $500 CASH from SME Start Digital Programme?


In order to qualify for SME Start Digital programme, applicant will have to subscribe 2 digital solutions for 6 months, and you may proceed to claim $500 CASH from OCBC.


There are 3 simple steps,